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Studying at Home

What Can You Expect?

Discovery. Awareness. Choice.

  • We will both collaborate actively and be equal partners in the coaching relationship - we are both in this together!​

  • All of us can find answers, by choosing, learning, taking action and recovering when things don 't go as planned. As a coach, I will be curious and open to different avenues. I will discover with you, not dictate the answers. We will explore your limiting beliefs, the voices of those inner saboteurs who say: "Why bother? You are not capable. "  I will remind you of your inner potential and help you to find it again - because it is there, naturally!​​

  • When I am sitting across from you (either virtually or face-to-face), I will not be sitting across from a problem to be solved - I will be sitting across from a person, a person with a heart, mind, body and spirit. The concrete issue that we will be discussing will be inevitably linked to other areas in your life. There will be a larger picture at play, which means that I will be listening for underlying messages and probing to understand better.

  • We will sometimes be dancing in the moment depending on what we are talking about. There will not always be a plan - I might hear something that I would like to explore further with you or you might decide to dig deeper into another topic. There will also be moments when you lead the dance, and other times when I take the lead, but we will always move the dance forward together.

  • As your coach, I will be committed to encouraging transformation by focusing on all that is possible for you - learning, recovering your inner strength and resourcefulness to evolve, grow, expand from one area of focus to other areas in your life. I will hold the vision of what is possible and be committed to a transformative experience. You will choose the topic, the action and results that you want.

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