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How Does Coaching Work?

Two-Way Commitment & Collaborative Relationship. 

Listening. Intuition. Curiosity.

The coaching relationship is a conversation between two equal partners who are both learning and discovering at the same time.

What are our basic commitments as coach and coachee?

  • respect

  • openness

  • empathy

  • trust & reliability

  • confidentiality

  • fun


I commit to:

  • providing a safe environment

  • listening 

  • bringing in my personal experience

  • being curious, honest & direct

  • moving you forward through learning

  • setting aside personal opinions and judgment

  • bringing some fun

  • speaking the truth - stating what I see or hear

  • helping you to achieve your dreams and reach your potential


Overall you will be accountable for exploring, changing, learning, taking risks, persevering, investing time & energy, being willing to leave your comfort zone and stepping into the unknown - I will be there to support you!

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